Welcome to Petconnect.org, the home of the Animal Trust Foundation website.

The Animal Trust Foundation, Inc. seeks to support people and programs committed to stewardship of companion animals.

Established over thirty years ago, the Animal Trust Foundation is a local nonprofit foundation dedicated to improving the care and safeguarding the welfare of domestic animals. We assist and promote groups that are concerned about the welfare of pets as well as promoting responsible pet ownership.

Our goal through education and financial assistance, is to reduce the countless number of animals that have to be euthanized by encouraging spaying and neutering pets and providing assistance in the adoption of homeless pets.

Along with the Animal Trust Foundation’s own projects, the Foundation primarily provides funding to organizations whose projects serve the best interests of companion animals. Projects selected for support are well tested, successful projects that depend on ongoing financial support. Equally important to the Animal Trust Foundation is the opportunity to provide seed money or matching funds to new projects that offer innovative approaches to improving the welfare of our animal companions.

In addition to our free pet tag I.D. program, Animal Trust Foundation is now helping support a very unique website, www.AdoptaPet.com. This website was created by Humane America and its purpose is to show dogs and cats that are available for adoption from the various county shelters and the many local rescue groups that are trying to find homes for abandoned or unwanted pets. By logging on to this website and entering a breed preference, gender and other characteristics of the pet you are looking for and a zip code, the site will identify all the dogs and cats available from shelters and rescue groups in your neighborhood. The site also includes shelters and rescue groups throughout the country that have pets available for adoption.

We welcome you to explore our website to learn more about our Pet ID Tag Program, as well as some of the organizations we support and the history of our foundation. Thank you for visiting our website. Please spay and neuter your pets.