There are a multitude of dogs and cats in need of good homes across San Diego County and the nation. They reside in cages in the County Animal Shelters, in privately run shelters; in the homes of thoughtful foster families and in the facilities of purebred rescue shelters. In the end they are destroyed because there are are not enough people who recognize their value.

Animal Trust Foundation is now helping support a very unique website, This website was created by Humane America and its purpose is to show dogs and cats that are available for adoption from the various county shelters and the many local rescue groups that are trying to find homes for abandoned or unwanted pets. By logging on to this website and entering a breed preference, gender and other characteristics of the pet you are looking for and a zip code, the site will identify all the dogs and cats available from shelters and rescue groups in your neighborhood. The site also includes shelters and rescue groups throughout the country that have pets available for adoption.

If you are looking for a quality dog or cat. Please consider adopting. is a website that provides one of the most advanced databases of available, adoptable pets in San Diego and the nation.