Animal Trust Foundation was founded May 16, 1973 by Patrica Woodbridge  Nelson. Originally named the Animal Trust Sanctuary, the foundation owned a five acre ranch in Ramona, California, where Ms. Nelson established and maintained a rescue center for dogs and cats.

1904 – 1999


A lifelong lover of animals, she cared for these orphans, finding homes for many of them. If not adopted, they remained with her. Over time, her efforts grew and her ranch became the Animal Trust Sanctuary. When she retired from her personal involvement with the sanctuary, she created the Animal Trust Foundation, Inc. to ensure that her work on behalf of animals would continue in perpetuity.

In 1985 the ranch was donated to Fund For Animals, a nonprofit corporation operated by her friend, well known author, Cleveland Amory, who has since passed away. Fund For Animals transformed the property into a wild life sanctuary and wild life rehabilitation center, which is still operational. Thereafter, the Animal Trust Sanctuary continued as a source for funding for several nonprofit animal welfare organizations.

The Animal Trust Foundation continues to this day as a private nonprofit foundation. We continue to assist and promote groups that are concerned about the welfare of pets and that promote responsible pet ownership. Our goal, through education and financial assistance, is to reduce the countless number of animals that have to be euthanized by encouraging spaying and neutering pets and providing assistance in the adoption of homeless pets.